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 Body Sugaring -FAQ

Body Sugaring Benefits

Body sugaring doesnít burn your skin or irritate it and cause breakouts. Hair is taken from the root so there is rarely any breakage. The sugar is water soluble and easy to rinse off. The sugar only sticks to the hair and root itself and dead skin.

Body Sugaring vs Waxing

Body sugaring is 100% natural and resin and chemical free. Itís water-soluble and doesnít harbor bacteria. It doesnít harden if left on the skin and is very time efficient. You donít need to grow your hair out very long to be able to use body sugaring.

Body Sugaring Areas

The genital area is the best place. The lower back and butt are the second best areas, while the chest and back hair are the most resistant due to the thickness and coarseness of the hair.

Is Body Sugaring safe?

Since no harsh chemicals are used, body sugaring is considered a safe hair removal method.

Body sugaring candidates

Anyone with skin tags, warts sun damaged skin or fragile skin and being treated with medications that affect the skinís immunity such as Accutane are bad candidates for body sugaring.

Best time for Body Sugaring

Winter is the most difficult month for hair removal due to dry skin. In the Summer, many make the mistake to go right out to sunbathe or engage in sports-like activities that would cause sweating. Sweat and bacteria are the culprits that cause breakouts after sugaring.

Preparing for Body Sugaring

One week prior to having Body Sugaring done customers are asked to complete a head to toe body exfoliation and moisturizing either. Moisturizing should be done morning and night for one week and exfoliating twice during a 1-week span of time.

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